Training and Documentation

Getting Started

  1. Create a new project by clicking Project-\>Create .
  2. Enter a project name and description.
  3. Create an experiment by clicking Experiment->Create . Note, multiple experiments can be created in a single project.
  4. Enter an experiment name and description and select a project. The 'Application' should be set to 'Phasta_P'. Click 'Continue'.
  5. In the Application input frame use the 'Browse...' buttons to upload the input files for the analysis. The off-center annular flow case files here will be used for demonstration purposes. The 'geom.xmt_txt' is the Parasolid-Geometric-Model, geomAtts.smd contains the Problem-Definition, geom.sms is the Mesh-Description-File, and solver.inp is the Solver-Input-Parameters file.
  6. Set Compute Resource to '', the queue to 'development', Node Count to '1', Total Core Count to '16', Wall Time Limit to '30 minutes', and leave Total Physical Memory blank.
  7. Under Notifications click the check box to job status enable email updates.
  8. Click 'Save and launch'.

Additional Documentation

See here for course notes and tutorial videos and papers.